Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween - Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Unlike the previous years, this year I decided to stop being lazy and do something for halloween. Let me tell you why. Paris is kinda the least festive place on earth (not really actually) but yeah halloween in the city is pretty much boring.... Nobody dresses up that much compared to other places I guess. And if you're wondering, this also happen in any other holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year.

I pulled up the easiest costume I could think of and channelled pregnant Kim Kardashian.... Man It's pretty interesting to be 'pregnant'. I remember walking in the metro with huge belly, with a cup of drink in my hand and people were just staring judgementally... yaassss.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Autumn Diary - Fashion Week and life

September is always been my favourite month. I tell you why ; First, its a birthday month and yes this year I left my teenage life! Second, it is Autumn, which is my favourite season ( I mean seriously, who doesn't love autumn?!?!?) and Third, Fall/Winter 2016 fashion week and this season I got to work with Lanvin!!!

Let's begin with the day I became 20... I was just overwhelmed by the amount of love I received that day from friends and family both in Jakarta and Paris. And to have a moment to sink in the amount of blessing and opportunity I have lived for the past 20 years of my life. Man, God is good to me. All the time. I celebrated my birthday with a chill and intimate dinner with my friends in a French restaurant called Le Sâotico and we had the loveliest time there. The people are super friendly, the food are amazingly delicious, lovely space in the upper room, great price and they surprised me by singing happy birthday and gave my dessert a sort of candle torch. The owner herself ( I believed) was super warm and thanked me that I chose to spent my special day at her restaurant. Its totally recommended from me to rite and dine in Le Sâotico, if you're in town.

And yeah, As I have mentioned before, this Fall/Winter 2016 season, I had the opportunity to worked for a couple days in Lanvin showroom for the fashion week. It was a gigantic showroom located in Cité de la mode et du design (feel so weird because I always go to the rooftop bar/club called Nuba there) where I got to sort of improve my French skill and met so many amazing people in the industry, not to mention, the experience working backstage with the models & stylists and to handle all those beautiful garments. Oh and did you guys heard, that Lanvin's creative director of 14 years, Alber Elbaz, just left the company....... such a shocking news for me too, since Alexander Wang left Balenciaga & Raff Simons left Dior just before him. But yeah, it was people special that I got to work with the his last collection....

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015 - Indonesia

So after my Shanghai adventure, I hopped into a 6 hours flight to Jakarta with no sleep after my all-night-long karaoke session and spent the whole summer vacation at home. It was........ weird. I learnt my lesson that being home for more than a month leads to being unproductive, lots of cleaning the house and just basically bored. After moving to other city/place/country,  it just made me realise that being home would never feel the same again. The lifestyle, the people, the mindset, the culture. Everything.

But my three months, did not only wasted on contemplating my life, I was, of course having tons of fun with my family and friends, and travel to few places in Indonesia.

Man, what a beautiful country, I belonged to.
I travelled to some places around East Java, that include Mont Bromo, Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, Baluran and some places in Bali. It was amazing!!!!!!!!

Ijen Crater was the highlight of the trip for me, where we hiked waayyy before the dawn- aka 1 in the morning so we could catch the Blue Fire. It is when the sulphuric gases emerged from the crack of the volcanoes and in contact with the air, which causes a a blue flame. This phenomenon can only be found in Indonesia and Iceland. The hike was insane, where we spent around 2 hours with an insane incline and slippery sandy/dusty road followed by a 45-minutes hike down the banks with a super rocky and of course also slippery. But it was worth it, totally worth it. But if you ask me whether I'd do it again in the near future, I would say no. lol

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunset Beach Party Shanghai

Yes apparently we do have a beach in the middle of Shanghai. Okay I mean a fake beach, which more or else the same am I right? The beach is located in the heart of the city, on the famous Bund area. If you have seen those pictures of Shanghai at night with the view of The Oriental Pearl tower and other bright tall buildings around the river, yup that The Bund area. The name of the place is a obvious as "The Bund Beach" or some people call is The Cool Docks area. 

I went there to attend an event was that was organised by Shanghai International Beer Festival and we got in free as we received some tickets, but for people who didn't have one, 80 RMB, which is around 11 euros would get you in. The event started at 14:00 until 22:00 and apparently there was around 1500 people came. We got a 'free flow' packages to get unlimited drinks for 150 RMB until 18:00 and annoyingly we can only drink in the ' Free Flow Area' which got people so annoyed and one of them was me. We kind feel like caged and forced to drink fast so we can got out and explore the place. But globally the party was very fun.

The Bund Beach, for me, is quite a cool place just to chill, refresh while in the city due its cool view. A beach with a tall building view is quite interesting and you wouldn't find it in a lot of place (: For those who are interested, Cool Docks open from 10am-10pm daily with an entrance fee of 50 RMB. Its definitely an interesting place to visit.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Shanghai Lovin'

My oh my.... It's almost my 9 weeks in Shanghai, and every second of it, it got me in love even more. Sure, it is too quick to say that I love this city, but I think so far it's been amazing. One thing that I really notice, is that Shanghai is super multicultural. I mean every corner of the city, I just found foreigners. It really broaden my experience and knowledge about people from different countries and different background, at the same time blend up with Chinese culture. Oh and these foreigners, speaks English, which is something that I can't find so often in Paris. Maybe that is one of the thing that makes me comfortable.
I also met this amazing American artist / singer / fashion designer, who called himself Redic, who has such a mesmerising apartment // studio. We got the chance to toured around his Shanghainese apartment that was painted and covered with his art. Everything was colourful, fun and very inspiring. He has this series of chairs that he calls 'The Throne" that is absolutely brilliant. And on top of that, all of his artwork / apartment's wall or everything, glows in the dark. If you know me, I'm so obsessed with glow in the dark things. Please do check him out, and maybe if you're in Shanghai you can catch his live performance or have tour at his place!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ni Hao Ma?

Surprise surprise! I am currently living in Shanghai. I’m already in my sixth week actually! So far Shanghai still treat me good. The food are lovely and slightly cheaper than Paris, it has decent to clean streets which is uncommon in Paris street, I reunited with bubble drinks (YUM), so far it’s great. Definitely a very exciting and interesting place even though it is also quite a weird feeling for me since the environment and the weather more or less like Jakarta but it is not. So basically I feel more homesick in Shanghai compare with in Paris. Bizarre. 

I also got a chance to see a cute pop up café by my favourite brand, Kenzo and you can get a free coffee with a very cute polka dot cup! If you're in Shanghai, you can go to mall IAPM! 

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This is the beautiful Jingan Temple

Top : Forever21 / Jacket : Zara / Legging : Topshop / Shoes : Zara / Bag : Longchamp / Glasses : Swarovski