Sunday, January 25, 2015

James Bay

Another concert post from me! The amazing artist is called James Bay. He is an amazing rising British song-writer and guitarist, which I first discovered from Burberry Acoustic. During Burberry's Spring Summer 2015 fashion show, he also played live. I was so in love with his voice and when I discovered he was going to planning to come and play in Paris.

The concert was taken place in a small venue in district 10 of Paris called Les Etoiles in January 22, 2014. In this concert, I went alone, which was actually kinda suck because I had to sing and scream alone in a awkward crowd. So I get there early, as usual, at more or less 19:00 and queued up for around 30 minutes before the door opened. Originally, the show was suppose to start at  20:00 but it didn't happen as the crowd wasn't there yet. So after more or less 45 minutes, The band and James came out with his usual hat and medium-length hair and played "Craving" as the opening song.

Since I got the setlist, I'm gonna tell you the songs :
When We Were On Fire
If You Even Wanna Be In Love
Let It Go
Scars (solo)
Move Together
and Hold Back The River as an anchor

So It was quite a short show, knowing that he actually has tooonnn of songs, which made me quite disappointed, although overall for his performance I'll give him 3 stars out of 5. He was also being so nice and talkative during the show. "This is my first show in Paris and I really hope to keep on seeing you guys in the future" and also he shared that "Scars" was written quite a long time for about 2 years to finish....

I really dislike the crowd, since I was kinda like the only few people who was singing and being very enthusiastic, maybe it's just how the French watch concert, but the fact not that many people are able to speak English fluently might also explain it. I remember some girls are looking at me with quite a bitchy face while I was singing along. I feel like even though he is not yet that big, people should put a little more effort to try to remember the lyrics and sing along with him. Oh well.

But I totally recommend you to start listening to his songs and watch his shows if you got the chance. I'm telling you, his gonna be big soon!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gap days

First of all I would like to say, merry christmas and happy new year 2015 to each and everyonw of you. Hopefully 2015 will be a great year and more blessings to come.
Even though this year has started quite hard for me and the country where I live in, with all the tragic shootings that happened in Paris a few days ago, But I hope the next 11 months will be better!

 I know I've been neglecting my blog for awhile now, especially with my outfit post, and again I would say its because of the heavy weight of my camera, but it doesn't mean that I have not been continuing doing what I love, dressing up and posting ootd pictures.

I remain updating and posting outfit pictures Instagram because its more practical. But I promise you and myself to do more proper outfit pictures for the blog.

Please, if you haven't follow my instagram, please do! :)

Outer & Top : H&M / Skirt : Alexalexa / Shoes : Doc Martens

Shirt & Sweater : H&M / Leggings : Topshop / Boots : Zara / Bag : Leather Satchel Company / Glasses : Gucci 
 Hat, Top, Blazer : H&M / Faux Fur Vest : Vintage Shop / Scarf : Zara / Jeggings : Topshop / Shoes : Doc Martens
 Hat, Top, Coat, Cardigan : H&M / Bag, Boots, Jeans : Zara