Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunset Beach Party Shanghai

Yes apparently we do have a beach in the middle of Shanghai. Okay I mean a fake beach, which more or else the same am I right? The beach is located in the heart of the city, on the famous Bund area. If you have seen those pictures of Shanghai at night with the view of The Oriental Pearl tower and other bright tall buildings around the river, yup that The Bund area. The name of the place is a obvious as "The Bund Beach" or some people call is The Cool Docks area. 

I went there to attend an event was that was organised by Shanghai International Beer Festival and we got in free as we received some tickets, but for people who didn't have one, 80 RMB, which is around 11 euros would get you in. The event started at 14:00 until 22:00 and apparently there was around 1500 people came. We got a 'free flow' packages to get unlimited drinks for 150 RMB until 18:00 and annoyingly we can only drink in the ' Free Flow Area' which got people so annoyed and one of them was me. We kind feel like caged and forced to drink fast so we can got out and explore the place. But globally the party was very fun.

The Bund Beach, for me, is quite a cool place just to chill, refresh while in the city due its cool view. A beach with a tall building view is quite interesting and you wouldn't find it in a lot of place (: For those who are interested, Cool Docks open from 10am-10pm daily with an entrance fee of 50 RMB. Its definitely an interesting place to visit.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Shanghai Lovin'

My oh my.... It's almost my 9 weeks in Shanghai, and every second of it, it got me in love even more. Sure, it is too quick to say that I love this city, but I think so far it's been amazing. One thing that I really notice, is that Shanghai is super multicultural. I mean every corner of the city, I just found foreigners. It really broaden my experience and knowledge about people from different countries and different background, at the same time blend up with Chinese culture. Oh and these foreigners, speaks English, which is something that I can't find so often in Paris. Maybe that is one of the thing that makes me comfortable.
I also met this amazing American artist / singer / fashion designer, who called himself Redic, who has such a mesmerising apartment // studio. We got the chance to toured around his Shanghainese apartment that was painted and covered with his art. Everything was colourful, fun and very inspiring. He has this series of chairs that he calls 'The Throne" that is absolutely brilliant. And on top of that, all of his artwork / apartment's wall or everything, glows in the dark. If you know me, I'm so obsessed with glow in the dark things. Please do check him out, and maybe if you're in Shanghai you can catch his live performance or have tour at his place! http://www.theredicexperience.com/